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Albums by this artist:

Real Rock
Rockfort Rock
Drum Song
Heavy Rock
Full Up
Granny Scratch Scratch
Soulful Strut
Baby Face
Time Is Tight
Heavy beat
Love Jah
Mojo Rock Steady
Congo Rock
Return of the Scorcher
Jamaica Underground
The thing
I'll Be Around Version
Less Problem
Park View
Bitter Blood
Ten To Ten
Reggae Time
Federated backdrop
Love land
Mojo Rocksteady
Little Green Apples
Upsetters Dream
Soul Shake
Straight Flush
Moon Hop
Jamaica Bag
Man pon spot
My heart in rhythm
Doctor Sappa too
Holy Moses
Soulful I
Hail Don D
In Cold Blood
Family Man
Pick Up Version
Great Mu Ga Ru Ga
Jah Berry
Declaration Version
Reggae For Days