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Albums by this artist:

In The Name Of Father
The new legend -- Dreamcast
The stage of History -- Dreamcast
Beyone the Horizon
The Completionist
Beyond The Horizon
Apocalypse Vs Sesto Sento
Wings Of Faith
Chasing Downstream
Immaculate Pledge
To The Wind
Tempered Soul
Distant Thunder
The Stage Of History
The New Legend
Sail Over The Storm
Unblessed Soul
The Legend Will Never Die
Halcyon Harbor
Worth Dying For
Lost In The Mirage
Seize Your Destiny
Innocent Vision
Infernal Offering
Valiant Heart
Uncovered History
Reign Of Doom
Glacial Colosseum
Indomitable Warrior
Light & Darkness (soul mix)
Bloom And Harvest
Into The Sunlight
Leaving The World Behind
Sweet Illusion
The Cursed Image
Eye To Eye, Blade To Blade
No Remorse, No Pain
Destiny Will Tell
Recollection:A Tribute To Those Who Shed Red
Bred From The Gap
The stage of History -- Dreamcast
Light & Darkness