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Albums by this artist:

The Edge of Soul
Wormhole (Throatcutters EP)
A Continental Gale (Rock's Stage)
Edge of Soul
Our Way Home
Dragon's Call
Bravely Folk Song
Recollect Continent
Opening Theme
An Oath of the Sword
Moonlight Shadows
Tiny Amulet
A Continental Gale
Doubtful Judgement
Suzi Kim - The edge of soul -- PS1
Horangi Arirang
Soul and Sword
The Edge of Soul - Opening Movie
Taki`s Theme (A Haunting Wind) -- PS1
A Haunting Wind
Heavenly Engage
Continental Gale
An Oath Of The Sword - Character Select
Moonlight Shadows - Li Long
(Always Wid) Deepump
Another Fanatic
Future Dancin'
A Mediterranean Call
Yellow Sands - Hwang
The Edge of Sould (Uncut)
A Mediterranean Call - Sophitia
Theme of Cervantes (Bravely Folk Song) -- PSX
Tiny Amulet - Seung Mina
Eternal Memories
Darkness of Fate
Yellow Sands
Castaway in Darkness - Cervantes
A Continental Gale - Rock
Hagakure - Mitsurugi
Our Way Home - Staff Credit
Asian Dawn
Castaway Into Darkness
The Wind and Clouds
작은 기다림
Another Fanatic - Voldo