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We Wanna Boogie
Red Headed Woman
Ain't Got a Thing
Tiger Rose
What'cha Gonna Do
Catbird Seat
Bigger Than Elvis
Big Black Cadillac
If I Could I Would
My Bucket's Got a Hole in It
Didn't Know Love at All
Little Town Baby
Hell Yes I Cheated
Fast Train
Sadie's Back in Town
Leave Your Lovin' at Home
Fly Right on By
You Tear Me Up
Six Nights a Week
Lookin Out For Number One
We Wanna Boogie - Original
Find My Baby For Me
One Broken Heart
Hang Up the Moon
Daddy Blues
Truckin' Down The Avenue
Red-headed woman
Cowboy Cool
Sweet Misery
Red Headed Woman - Original
My Babe
All My Sins Are Taken Away
The Prisoner's Song
So Glad You're Mine
Fannie Brown
Tomorrow Night
Mr. Blues
Feelin' Good
One Night
We Wanna Boogie (Alternate)
A Kiss Goodnite
Ain't Gonna Do It
Please Listen To Me
Mama Loochie