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Albums by this artist:

Existence (Virtual Embrace Remix)
Pale Candle Light
Seele Bricht - Feat Feindflug
Watching Over You
Collateral Damage (feat. Life Like)
The Edge of Life
Odyssey of Mind
The Essence of Mind
Trial And Error
Still Alive
Do You Feel?
Self Deception
Rise And Fall - Colony 5 Remix
Rise And Fall
The Dark Inside Me
A Passage (Beyond)
War & Peace
No Salvation
Crash & Burn
God, Where Are You?
A Rush Of Ecstasy
Road To Horizon
Seele Bricht (feat. Feindflug)
Now or Never
No Surrender
Beg Your Pardon
Dead And Gone
Land of Tomorrow
Darkness Falls
Seele Bricht
Terrible Reality
Immortal - Single Edit