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Albums by this artist:

Bang Bang Bang Bang
Pleasures of Soho
Prince Harry
My Vampire
I'm Not Cool
No Regrets
Right and Right Again
Trash the Rental
The Rest for the Wicked
Trash The Rental (Crystal Castles Remix)
Bang Bang Bang Bang - Remastered 2021
Talk Of The Town
Shut Your Pretty Mouth
Trash The Rental - Crystal Castles Remix
Bang Bang
Hold Me Back
Right & Right Again (Jesse Rose Remix)
Right & Right Again (Radio Edit)
The Rest For The Wiked
Little Boxes
dead by christmas
Open Your Eyes (Lords Of The New Church cover) (BL Rewind 2)
Silent War
Stripper (Radio Edit)
Crystal Castles Vs. Soho Dolls - Trash The Rental
Stripper - Remastered 2020
Prince Harry (Robert Harder Mix)
Snakes & Ladders
Stripper - Radio Edit
Right and Right Again - Jesse Rose Remix
Stripper (Halo Sol Remix)
Bang-Bang (Test Drive Unlimited 2 OST)
Bang Bang Bang Bang(OST Gossip Girl)
Trash The Rental [Crystal Castles Remix]
Stripper (Lost Dog Found Remix)
3 Trash The Rental (Crystal Castles Remix)
dont you want to (bang bang bang)
Trash The Rental (Demo)
No Regrets (Radio Edit)
Right And Right Again (Jesse Rose Remix)
Stripper - Lost Dog Found Remix
I wanna be honesty
Bang Bang Bang Bang (Halo Sol Remix)
Right And Right Again (Radio Edit)