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Rhythm Is a Dancer
The Power
Rhythm Is A Dancer - 7" Edit
Rhythm Is A Dancer - Original 12"
Rhythm Is A Dancer - 12'' Version
Ooops Up
Mary Had a Little Boy
Rhythm Is a Dancer (7" edit)
The Power - 7" Version
Rhythm Is A Dancer - Edit
Cult of Snap
The First the Last Eternity
Believe the Hype
I've Got the Power
Rhythm Is a Dancer 2003
The First the Last Eternity (till the end) - 7" Edit
Believe in It
Keep It Up
Rythm Is A Dancer
The Power - 12" Version
See the Light
Don't Be Shy
Madman's Return
Who Stole It?
Colour of Love
Cult of Snap!
Colour of Love (Massive version)
Rhythm Is A Dancer (Armand Van Helden Remix)
The First the Last Eternity (Till the End)
Mary Had A Little Boy - Radio Edit
Witness the Strength
Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready?)
Exterminate (Endzeit 7")
The Power (7" version)
Welcome to Tomorrow
Only Human
Mary Had a Little Boy (radio edit)
Exterminate (Endzeit 7) [feat. Niki Haris]
The Power (Jungle fever mix)
Do You See the Light
I'm Gonna Get You (To Whom It May Concern)
Rame (original version) (feat. Rukmani)
Rhythm Is A Dancer (7 " Edit)
Welcome to Tomorrow (Are You Ready)
SNAP! Megamix 2009