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Albums by this artist:

Fully Blown
Don't Leave
From the Dirt
Eight Hours a Day
Rest in Peace
Knuckle Sandwich
You Don't Know Me
White Dynamite
Live Fast Die Young
Bombay Dreams (feat. Bishop Brigante)
Until Yer Dead
What I Do
Dirty Young Man
Real Drugs
Bombay Dreams
That's Fine
Just Giver
Greasy Business
Follow The Bullet
Hey (feat. Merkules)
I'm Good
Famous And Broke
Sky Is Falling
Out for Action
Move in Silence
Vandalize Shit Ft. Onyx
Fuckin' Right
Ride Girl
Vandalize Shit (feat. Onyx)
Dead & Gone
Vicious Cycle
When She's High
Alive (feat. Jaclyn Gee)
Lesson Learned
Lung Butter
Nothing Less
All Out
Snot Rocket
Hit That Shit
Runnin Wild
Off the Chain
Take That Shit
Too Deep (feat. Merkules & Caspian)