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Albums by this artist:

Fly to the Angels
Up All Night
Burnin' Bridges
Spend My Life
Eye To Eye
Mad About You
Real Love
She Wants More
Days Gone By
Nocturnal Hell
Tortured Souls
You Are The One
The Wild Life
The Curse
One Foot In The Grave
F.O.D. (Fuck of Death)
Disintegrator / Incinerator
Loaded Gun
Tales Of The Macabre
Death Dealer
Reach For The Sky
Streets Of Broken Hearts
Tyrant of Hell
Shake This Place
Hold On
Maim To Please
Thinking of June
That's Not Enough
Gave Me Your Heart
Wingin' It
Fly to Angels
Fly To The Angels (Acoustic)
Out For Love
Dance For Me Baby
Shout It Out
Burnin' Bridges - Remastered
Move to the Music
Times They Change
Burnin' Bridges - 2003 Digital Remaster
Do Ya Know
Eve Of Darkness
Shadow Of Death
Get Used to It
Old Man
Fly to the Angels (acoustic version)