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Arrive on St. Patrick's Day
Emigrate (Radio Edit)
Fool (Fight of Our Lives)
Feck the Celtic Tiger
Capt'n's Jig
Giving It Up (The Drink)
Drink Up Ya Sinners
Arrive on Saint Patrick's Day
Golden Days
21st Century Loser
A Sign of the Times
Tomorrow's the Day
The Underdogs
Dublin City
Dying to Rebel
Far Away
Raise Your Hand
How the Hell Can You Sleep?
Living on the Moon
End of the Line
'Til The Dead Come Alive
This Country's for Sale
Ah Just Leave Me Alone
Banquet for Dreamers
All That Remains
I'll Leave for New York
At the End of the World
Live for Today
17 Coffins
Walking Into Doors
Strait of Magellan
City of Tragedy
Strait of Magellan (A Broadsheet Melodrama)
We'll Rise Again
Sinner Of The Century
Drinking Like a Dane
Breaking Down All Borders
The Wrong Bar
Boys of St. Pauli
`Til the Dead Come Alive
21st Century Loser pt. 2
Conor Mcgregor
All Saints' Day
Fake Hero
Arrive on St. Patrick´s Day