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Albums by this artist:

Time Window
The Mark
Full Force Forward
Black Yellow Moebius
Fuse Box
Master Plan
Tick Tock
Calling all Units
Power Plant
Clean Getaway
Heat Wave
Let's Go Shopping!
Leap Of Faith
Hold on Tight
Hard Time
BCR Menu Theme
Rise Of The Albatross
Prologue & Epilogue
Killt's Hidden Treasures
Intruder Alert
Amongst Allies
OK, We'll Move
Wanted Dead or Alive
Evil Eye
Armed to the Teeth
Death Wish
Sirens in the Distance
I Will Give You My All
Bionic Commando Main Theme Rearmed
One Man, One Bionic Arm
Mayhem Dressed in a Suit (remix)
The Gauntlet
Where's the Van
Hot Pursuit
Where's the Van?!
Bionic Commando Rearmed (Main Theme)
Shadows and Trickery
Meet The Enemy And Descend
Mayhem Dressed in a Suit
And Now We Run!
And Now We Wait
Gun Metal Grey (theme from First World Bank)
Double Cross (theme from Heat Street)
Steal from the rich, give to myself
Ode To Greed
Home Invasion (theme from Counterfeit)
Code Silver (theme from No Mercy)
Three Way Deal (theme from Undercover)