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Albums by this artist:

Band of Color
Flash of Light
Small Fortune
Night Shades
Frozen Moments
Fruit of the Vine
Covered Lamp
Cheap Shot
Birds Of Passion
Fragmented Mirror
In This Place
Shadows in Daylight
A Brush Through the Dust
In Your Memory
Windows Close
Running Out Of Rope
Present Dreams
Thin Air
Cannibals and Headhunters
Brush Fires
Falling Palms
Wind Chimes
This Stays
Crescent Glow
Out in Front
Chance of Showers
Frozen Moments (Nite Jewel Remix)
I Walk With You
In This Place And Time
Now and Then
The Worst Part
I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
Where My Friends Have Gone
Band Of Colour
Will I Ever
Band of Color (SINGLE VERSION)
I Don't Wanna Get Over You
Play the Victim
I Think You Need It Now
This Crowded Bar
Gypsy Blood
It's O.k. Yo Be Happy
Small Fortune (Peter's House Music remix)
Place and Time
In This Place And Time (City Center Remix)