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Sin Triangle
Not but for You, Bunny
Impostor Syndrome
Sophisticated Space
Rat of the City
Presumably Dead Arm (617 Sessions)
I Eat Salads Now
Bird Tutorial
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Good Magicians
Homecoming Serf
I'm Filled With Steak, and Cannot Dance
Mouth Log
Somebody's Baby
New Recording 180 (New Year's Eve)
What Do You Want from Me Tonight?
Midnight Jingle
Friday Night Placebo
Presumably Dead Arm
!Ed Buys Houses!
Buckets of Fun
Hexagons and Other Fun Materials
It's Afternoon, I'm Feeling Sick
Imposter Syndrome - Audiotree Live Version
Mouth Log - Audiotree Live Version
I Eat Salads Now - Audiotree Live Version
Santa Baby
Sin Triangle - Audiotree Live Version
Presumably Dead Arm - Audiotree Live Version
Rat of the City - Audiotree Live Version
Persephone - Audiotree Live Version
Not but for You, Bunny - Audiotree Live Version
sing a refrain
dinner party
101 fucks
the big bang
it's snowy in here (intro)
another room
friday night placebo (shillman version)
i'd follow you all around the world
last night
dodging bullets
persephone (ryder piano version)
ogres like me
the college admissions song
i'll catch you on the flip side