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Albums by this artist:

Divine Moments of Truth
Dorset Perception
Flute Fruit
Nothing Is Something Worth Doing
Botanical Dimensions
Around the World in a Tea Daze
Star Shpongled Banner
Shpongle Falls
Levitation Nation
Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness
Monster Hit
Room 23
Outer Shpongolia
Shpongle Spores
Behind Closed Eyelids
Periscopes of Consciousness
My Head Feels Like a Frisbee
When Shall I Be Free?
Vapour Rumours
Molecular Superstructure
Schmaltz Herring
Falling Awake
The Stamen Of The Shamen
Shnitzled In The Negev
Circuits of the Imagination
Linguistic Mystic
Turn Up the Silence
The Nebbish Route
...And the Day Turned to Night
A New Way to Say 'Hooray!'
...But Nothing Is Lost
I Am You
Shpongolese Spoken Here
Ineffable Mysteries
Nothing Lasts
Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit
Nothing Lasts...
Connoisseur of Hallucinations
Juggling Molecules
Connoisseur of Hallucination
How the Jellyfish Jumped Up the Mountain
No Turn Un-Stoned
Brain in a Fish Tank
A New Way To Say Hooray
Further Adventures in Shpongleland