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Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home (Outtake)
Our Anniversary
Ready For Your Love
Remember Baby
Easy to Remember
This I Know (LP Version)
Three Steps From The Altar
Stick By Me (And I'll Stick By You)
Daddy's Home (Single Version)
Oh What A Feeling
Our Anniversary (Single Version)
This I Know
Ready For Your Love (LP Version)
You'll Be Sorry
What Did Daddy Do
Who Told The Sandman
Daddy's Home (LP Version)
Gee Baby, What About You
Steal Away (With Your Baby) (LP Version)
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
For You My Love
Two Loving Hearts
One Week From Today
Teach Me How To Twist
Oh What A Feeling (LP Version)
I'm So Lonely
It's All Over Now
I'm A Hurting Inside (LP Version)
I'm All Alone
In Case I Forget
Why, Why Won't You Believe Me (Version 2)
Daddy's Home - Single Version
Too Young To Wed
Party for Two
Our Anniversary (Outtake)
Party For Two (Version 1)
I'm a Hurting Inside
Before the Next Teardrop Falls
I Am All Alone
Why, Why Won't You Believe Me
This I Know (Outtake)
Party For Two (Version 2)
Two Loving Hearts (LP Version)
Steal Away (With Your Baby)
Why, Why Won't You Believe Me (Version 1)
You Better Believe
Three Steps From The Alter
What Did Daddy Do? (Outtake)