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Daughter Of The Moon
Daughter Of The Sun
Gotta Get Enough Time
Our Day Will Come
Spekeasy club, 1968
Hold On - Sharon Tandy and Fleur De Lys
I've Found Love
You've gotta believe it
Perhaps not forever
Love is not a simple affair
The way she looks at you
Hurry hurry choo choo
Move A Little Closer
Time is a Healer
Things Get Better
For A Little While
Daughterof the Sun
Daugher Of The Sun
Daughter Of The Moon (1967)
Gotta Get Enough Time.
I Wanna Be Your Baby
Gotta Get Enough Time (Demo)
I can't get over it
Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree
12 - Daughter Of The Moon ('67)
02 - Hold On ('67)
Daughther of the sun