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Daughter Of The Moon
Daughter Of The Sun
Gotta Get Enough Time
Our Day Will Come
Spekeasy club, 1968
Hold On - Sharon Tandy and Fleur De Lys
I've Found Love
You've gotta believe it
Perhaps not forever
Love is not a simple affair
The way she looks at you
Hurry hurry choo choo
Move A Little Closer
Time is a Healer
Things Get Better
For A Little While
Love Them All (Demo)
Gotta Get Enough Time (feat. Sharon Tandy)
Love Them All (Demo) (feat. Sharon Tandy)
Daughterof the Sun
Daugher Of The Sun
Daughter Of The Moon (1967)
Gotta Get Enough Time.
I Wanna Be Your Baby
Gotta Get Enough Time (Demo)
I can't get over it
Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree
12 - Daughter Of The Moon ('67)
02 - Hold On ('67)
Daughther of the sun