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Albums by this artist:

Cry For You
Looking For Love
Until I Die
Cry For You - UK Radio Edit
Can't Get Over
Because I Love You
It Doesn't Matter
Cry For You (UK Radio Edit)
Midnight Heartache
Party In My Head
Flowers On The Grave
Cry For You (Spencer & Hill Remix)
Cry For You (Radio Mix)
Kärlekens tunga
Cry For You - Radio Mix
Cry for You (Radio Edit)
Candy Love
End Of The Rainbow
Freaking Out
Resuscitate Me - radio edit
La La La (Never Give It Up)
Satellites (Extended Mix)
Sad Song
Sound Memory
My Neighbourhood
Cry For You (Extended Mix)
Me & My Microphone
Something's Going On
Losing My Grip
Vem ska jag tro på
Satellites (Live Acoustic Version)
Looking for Love (Radio Version)
Good Times
Resuscitate Me
Heat Rising
We Can Do It
Hands Up
Looking for Love (Radio Versio
Intimate Connection
Follow Me
Bump And Grind
Can't Get Over (Radio)
Walk Away