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Get Busy
Like Glue
She Doesn't Mind
Gimme the Light
No Lie
Give It Up to Me
Mad Love
Got 2 Luv U - feat. Alexis Jordan
I'm Still In Love With You
So Fine
We Be Burnin'
Ever Blazin'
Other Side Of Love
I'm Still in Love With You (feat. Sasha)
Never Gonna Be the Same
Contra La Pared
Baby Boy [feat. Beyonce]
Straight Up
Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jordan)
Send It On
We'll Be Burning
We Be Burnin
Hold My Hand
Eye Deh a Mi Knee
Shake That Thing
Head in the Zone
Calling On Me
Press It Up
I'll Take You There
Ever Blazing
Head To Toe
Shout (Street Respect)
My Name
Fire Links Intro
Tip Pon It
The Trinity
Dutty Rock Intro
Baby Boy (feat. Beyoncé )
No Lie - Sam Feldt Remix
We Be Burning
Police Skit
Shake It
Deport Them
Touch The Sky - feat. DJ Ammo