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Albums by this artist:

Thrift Shop (Bart & Baker Electro Swing Club Remix)
How You Remind Me
City of Stars
Someone Like You
Wrecking Ball
Sk8er Boi
Clint Eastwood's 007 Cantina
Hey Ya Delilah
When I Ruled the Mad World
Circle Game of Thrones
Rich Girl That I Used to Know
Far Away
Instant Karma Police
We Found Love in a Creepy Place
Gotta Be Somebody
Call Me Al, Maybe
Avril 14th is Complicated
Tonight We Are Young
The Sound of No Surprises
Game of Thrones Theme (feat. Dave Koz)
Just Dance
My Favorite Thriller
Wake Me up (Mariachi Version)
You Can't Hurry Love, Valerie
Break / Unbreak Your Heart
Team America in Paris
Somewhere is My Mind
Like Living On a Prayer
Sing Trololo
Careless Shouting In Your Sleep
Big Poppa Smurf
Reading Rainbow In the Dark
Moon River At Tiffany's
Bus Stop in the Name of Love
Savin' Me
Olympic Chariots of Fire Across the Sea
Say Something (feat. Hudson Thames)
No One For No One
Pokemon Theme - Jazz
You've Got a Friend in Me
Stepping out, Night and Day
Let's Stay Together (As Long as We've Got Each Other)
The End Of The World​
Different Drum
La Vie En Rose