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Albums by this artist:

That G-String Track
Fatthing (Dubstep remix)
Dickie Riddim (feat. Warrior Queen)
Too High
Singstar (feat. Gnucci Banana)
mad instrument
Chambacu (Samim Remix)
Lights Off (Feat. Nicky Da B)
Juego (feat. Doubla J)
Farafina (Feat. Ete Kelly)
We Run This
Too High (Feat. Slush Puppy Kids)
Chupchik (feat. Kein Vorspiel)
One Hand (feat. Puppetmastaz & Doubla J)
Bretto (2008 Refix)
Di Finga (feat. Doubla J)
Schorschl Take 3 (feat. G.Rag und die Landlergschwister)
Touch Your Toes (feat. Natalie Storm)
Holdin That Dick (feat. Slush Puppy Kids)
Red Bull & Guinness
Spot Clean (feat. Doubla J)
Everyday Of The Week (feat. DJ Assault)
Nasty Bass
Coolie Fruit feat. Gnucci Banana
Belly Full Of Pills (Feat. Slush Puppy Kids)
Guata (Feat. Mic Mo)
Arschboss (feat. Ron Foto)
Ayoba feat. Spoek & Gnucci Banana
Holdin That Dick
Slo Bang
Chambacu (Smutlee Remix)
Belly Full Of Pills
Dickie Riddim (feat Warrior Queen)
Sai Safarda (feat. MC Leka)
The Bassdrum
Good to Go