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Albums by this artist:

Shout It Out Loud
Suicide Note Part II
Shout It Out Loud [KISS Cover]
Feed the Gods
Electric Eye
Face In The Sky
Passage to Bangkok
You Can't bring Me Down
Suicide Note Part 2
Poison Us
1000 Points Of Fright
Thought And Action
The Light Of Day
Suicide Note Part II (Pantera)
Suicide Note Pt. 2
Shout It Out Loud (Kiss Cover)
Suicide Note Pt. II
Shout It Out Loud(kiss cover)
For The Sake Of Man
Electric Eye (Judas Priest)
Suicide Note
You Can't Bring Me Down (Suicidal Tendencies Cover)
Face In The Sky (Scary German
Suicide note pt.2
15 - Scary German Guy - Shout It Out Loud (Kiss)
Shout It Loud (Kiss)
Get Up And Kill
Suicide Note Part II (Pantera Cover)
Passage To Bangkok (Rush)
Suicide Note Pt 2 (Pantera Cover)
Suicide Note, Part 2
Chapter 1 - The First War - ...understanding
Chapter 3 - The Second War - Thought and Action
The Worst Time
Feed The Gods (White Zombie)
Chapter 2 - The Day They Stole the Sky - Screwface
02 - ...understanding
Wish You Were
Shout It Out Loud(Kiss)
Suicide Note (Part. 2) (Pantera Cover)
The Blood of the Martyr v1.0
You Can't Bring Me Down (Suicidal Tendencies)
Feed the Gods [Explicit]