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Alive with the Glory of Love
Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too
I Want to Know Your Plans
Every Man Has a Molly
The Futile
Admit It!!!
The Writhing South
Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat
An Orgy of Critics
Slowly, Through a Vector
Chia-Like, I Shall Grow
Do Better
Baby Girl, I'm a Blur
Little Girls
Total Revenge
Shiksa (Girlfriend)
Metal Now
Most Beautiful Plague
The Church Channel
A Walk Through Hell
Retarded in Love
Hate Everyone
Skinny, Mean Man
I Will Never Write an Obligatory Song About Being on the Road and Missing Someone
No Soul
That Is Why
Surgically Removing the Tracking Device
Died a Jew
People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist
The Truth Is, You Should Lie with Me
Less Cute
In Defense of the Genre
We Killed It
An Insult to the Dead
About Falling
Hangover Song
Fed to Death
Spay Me
The Word You Wield
Have at Thee!
You're the Wanker, If Anyone Is