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Albums by this artist:

What We Do
Water Under The Bridge (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Gravity (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Scared To Be Lonely (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Gravity - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
Blue Star
Wolf Cry
Royals (Cup Song Version)
Lake Lovers
Black Light
Friends In High Places
Scared To Be Lonely - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
Pompeii (Cup Song Version)
If I Were a Boy (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Riptide (Cover)
Rather Be (Cup Song Version)
Wicked Game (mashup)
Water Under The Bridge - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
All Of Me
Green Light
Water Under The Bridge
Pompeii (Cover)
Green Light - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
Budapest (George Ezra)
Royals - Cover
Budapest (cover)
When I'm Alone (feat. Sarah Stone)
Royals - Cover By Sarah Stone (Cup Song Version)
Just A Gent [A Song Of Fire & Ice]
Rather Be
Heart's On Fire (Cover)
Blank Space
Won't Give In
Won't Give I
If I Were A Boy
Royals (Cup song)
I'm Gonna Make It
Scared To Be Lonely
Blank Space - Cover By Sarah Stone
Silver Lining
Royals cup song cover by Hanna Ellingseter
Budapest - Cover