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Albums by this artist:

What We Do
Water Under The Bridge (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Gravity (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Scared To Be Lonely (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Blue Star
Wolf Cry
Royals (Cup Song Version)
Lake Lovers
Black Light
Friends In High Places
Gravity - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
Pompeii (Cup Song Version)
If I Were a Boy (The Voice Australia 2017 Performance)
Riptide (Cover)
Rather Be (Cup Song Version)
Wicked Game (mashup)
All Of Me
Green Light
Water Under The Bridge
Pompeii (Cover)
Green Light - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
Budapest (George Ezra)
Royals - Cover
Budapest (cover)
Royals - Cover By Sarah Stone (Cup Song Version)
Just A Gent [A Song Of Fire & Ice]
Rather Be
Heart's On Fire (Cover)
Blank Space
Won't Give In
Won't Give I
If I Were A Boy
Royals (Cup song)
I'm Gonna Make It
Water Under The Bridge - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
Scared To Be Lonely
Scared To Be Lonely - The Voice Australia 2017 Performance
Blank Space - Cover By Sarah Stone
Silver Lining
Royals cup song cover by Hanna Ellingseter
Budapest - Cover
Royals - Sarah Stone