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Albums by this artist:

My Type
Cold Cold Man
Puzzle Pieces
Sweet Talk
For Elise
Born Again
Van Horn
Daydream / Wetdream / Nightmare
A Good Song Never Dies
Benny Goodman
Ace in the Hole
At Least I Have Nothing
Happy Accidents
Feed Me Now
Midnight Movies
You Do It Well
Dear Dictator
Local Long Distance Relationship (LA2NY)
You Can Be You
Honest Feedback
Slow Motion
Balsa Wood Bones
Hands Up Robert
Something About Us - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
To My Enemies
You're Nobody Till Somebody Wants You Dead
You Fine
My Type - SAINT WKND Remix
My Type - Eau Claire Remix
Pity Party
Old Soul
Eat Your Heart Out
Do Everything Now
Save Me
Diane Mozart
My Type - KANT Remix
Slow Dance
My Type - Live from Spotify San Francisco
Big Ol World
Preach - Penguin Prison Remix
Born Again - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
Van Horn - GOLDHOUSE Remix