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Albums by this artist:

A Glass of Champagne
Girls, Girls, Girls
Girls Girls Girls
La Cumbia
Traffic Jam
The Secretary
One Drink Too Many
Stiletto Heels
The Old Nickelodeon Sound
A Glass Of Champagne (Legacy Version)
Glass Of Champagne
La Cumbia - Radio Mix
Josephine Baker
Let's Go to Town
Trouble in Hong Kong
Stay the Night
The Well
All I Need Is A Girl
Cool Breeze
Give Me Shakespeare
Mambo Loco
Girls, Girls, Girls (Legacy Version)
Blue Desert
Karma Chameleon
Hat Check Girl
Quay Hotel
A Glass of Champagne (Live)
Sailor's Night on the Town
Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is
The Girls Of Amsterdam
The Runaway
Open Up the Door
A Glass Of Champagne (Album Version)
Turn Around - Âme Remix
Nickelodeon Nights
A glass of champaigne
Give Me La Samba
Out of Money
Pyjama Party
Blame It on the Soft Spot
La Cumbia (Radio Mix)
Down By the Docks
Stay With Me Now
People in Love