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Albums by this artist:

Conflict Within
Dark Predictions
The Exorcist
Ancient Black Earth
Untimely End
A Mass for Tortured Souls
Return to the Eve
Condemned in Misery
Funerals Obscure
Morbid Faith
Lurking Terror
Impending Doom
Second Coming
No Reason
Speak For Yourself
Doomed To Live
Condemned System
The Exorcist (Possessed Cover)
Eternal Darkness
Eternal Darkness (Live)
Ancient Black Earth (Live)
the exorcist (jeff becerra on vocals) cover possessed
Necrophiliac (Slayer Cover)
Funeral Obscure
Malignant Spirits
Return To The Eve (Celtic Frost Cover)
The Exorcist (Possessed)
Horrid Thoughts
Ultimely End (Bonus)
The Exorcist [Possessed Cover]
Return To The Eve [Celtic Frost Cover]
Resurrection - Asphyxiation
A mass of tortured souls
Fuck Off and Die (Darkthrone cover)
return to eve (Celtic Frost Cover)
Untimely dead
Return of the Eve
return to the eve (celtic frost)
Necrophiliac (SLAYER)
1994 - Resurrection
The Exorcist (Possessed cover with Jef f Becerra)
Fuck Off and Die
The Exorcist feat Jeff Becerra
Death Is Coming
A Mass forTortured Souls