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Albums by this artist:

You Could Be More As You Are
More Women
Shut The Door
Little Sister
Your Touch
Heart Over Head
The Facts
You Could Be More As You Are - 1982 Version
I am So Curious
Second Face
Give Me A Call
More Women - 1983 Version
Wake Up City
Shut the Door - 1983 Version
Invitation - 1982 Version
Your Touch - 1986 Version
Little Sister - 1983 Version
Heart Over Head - 1983 Version
The Facts - 1984 Version
I am So Curious - 1983 Version
Second Face - 1983 Versio
So Many Dreams
Give Me A Call - 1984 Version
Wake Up City - 1984 Version
Joanna - 1986 Version
So Many Dreams - 1995 Version
more women, 1984
Funky Way
Invitation (Full Length Version)
You Could Be More as You Are (1982 Version)
This Is a Man's Man's World
More Women (1983 Version)
Shut the Door (1983 Version)
Everybody Loves Somebody
Invitation (1982 Version)
I am So Curious (1983 Version)
Little Sister (1983 Version)
Heart over Head (1983 Version)
Young Boy
You Touch
The Facts (1984 Version)
Princess of the Streets
Your Touch (1986 Version)
Joanna (1986 Version)
Second Face (1983 Versio)
Wake up City (1984 Version)
Give Me a Call (1984 Version)
This Is A Man's, Man's World