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Mansae (만세)
Fronting (표정관리)
Ah Yeah [SEVENTEEN 1st Mini Album `17 CARAT`]
Adore U (아낀다)
DON'T WANNA CRY (울고 싶지 않아) Lyrics (Color Coded/ENG/ROM/HAN)
Shining Diamond
Left & Right
When I Grow Up (어른이 되면)
Swimming Fool
[SEVENTEEN 1st Mini Album `17 CARAT`]
아낀다 (Adore U)
아낀다 (Adore U) [SEVENTEEN 1st Mini Album `17 CARAT`]
Adore U (아낀다) (Color Coded Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics)
입버릇 (Habit)
OH MY! (어쩌나) LYRICS (Color Coded Eng/Rom/Han/가사)
Crazy in Love
CLAP (박수) Lyrics
Clap (박수)
Getting Closer (숨이 차)
GOOD TO ME (Color CodedEng/Rom/Han/가사)
Pretty U (예쁘다) (Color Coded Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics) | by Yankat
아주 NICE (VERY NICE) Dance Practice (Mirrored)
지금 널 찾아가고 있어 (Run To You)
MOONWALKER (문워커) Color Coded Han/Rom/Eng Lyrics
言行一致 (언행일치) [Un Haeng Il Chi] Concert ver.
날 쏘고 가라 (BRING IT)
사랑쪽지 (Love Letter)