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Albums by this artist:

I'm Yours
The Night Was Young Enough
One You'll Outrun
Fix Me Up
In Your Room
Don't Give Me Your Love
Dreaming Of An Island
You & I
What We Had (Feat. Doe Paoro)
Say It Again
You Leave Me Without
Say I'm Someone
They'll Never Know
Too Late
Feel Better
The Same
I Was Myself
All That I Want
Night Was Young Enough (Chad Valley Remix)
I'm Going Home
Crush (Prod. Twin Shadow)
On & On
I'm Yours - Bonus Track
Model 4 Hire
Take Us There
Little Bit
Wine & Summertime
Take the Long Way Home
Sip (feat. Tryst & Kassa Overall)
Crush (Prod. by Twin Shadow)
Fix Me Up (The Treasury Remix)
Closer (Tokyo Police Club Remix)
With You
Closer - Tokyo Police Club Remix
Last Call
Fix Me Up - The Treasury Remix
Take a Sip
Feel Better - Will Buck Remix
The Night Was Young Enough (Chad Valley Remix)
In Your Room (Grey Goon Remix)
Crush (Produced by Twin Shadow)
Dreaming Of An Island (Prod. by Twin Shadow)
I'm Yours (Bonus Track)
Say I'm Someone feat. Busta Rhymes
Crush (Diamond Rings Remix)