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Albums by this artist:

Figure It Out
Out of the Black
Little Monster
Ten Tonne Skeleton
Come on Over
Lights Out
Loose Change
Blood Hands
You Can Be So Cruel
I Only Lie When I Love You
Better Strangers
Trouble’s Coming
How Did We Get So Dark?
Hook, Line & Sinker
Where Are You Now?
Hole In Your Heart
She's Creeping
Look Like You Know
Don't Tell
Who Needs Friends
Million and One
Mad Visions
Either You Want It
All We Have Is Now
Hold On
My Sharona - Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Sad but True
Figure It Out - Live From Spotify NYC
Loose Change - Live From Spotify NYC
Come On Over - Live From Spotify NYC
Out Of The Black - Live From Spotify NYC
Trouble’s Coming - Purple Disco Machine Remix
My Sharona - Live Session from Abbey Road Studios, London, UK
You Want Me
How Did We Get So Dark? - Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Love And Leave It Alone
Limbo - SebastiAn Remix
All We Have Is Now (Orchestral Version)
One Trick Pony
Limbo (Orchestral version)
Trouble's coming
Where Are you Now