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Albums by this artist:

Peace and Tranquility to Earth
Just a Place in the Sun
Spécialité maison
Funki Bikini
Toutes ces femmes
Tiki Walk
Walking on the Moog
Inna slow tempo
World of illusion
Écoutez la guitare
Des lettres
Bahianese Mayonnaise
Le Track Dub
Du monde au balcon
Dubbies Theme
Funky monkey
Blue Bubbles
Every Kiss Is Magic
Dejeuner sur l'herbe
Bounty Tamouré
Dubbing From Uranus
Déjeuner Sur L'Herbe
Under the Greenwood Tree
Just a Place in the Sun (Reprise)
Opération Super Dragon
Trust in me (feat. Jenny De Vivo)
Zoom Zoom
Trust in me (Featuring Jenny de Vivo)
Space Express
Winter Wind
Sunny Sunday
Porno Paradise
Specialite Maison
Funky bikini
Baby It's All Right
Walking On the Dub
Peace Dub And Tranquility
The Rise & Fall Of The Record Empire
Misty Lagoon
Trust In Me
The Lover and His Lass
The Lost Waltz
Bikini in the Chamber
Surprise! Surprise!
Just a Place in Dub
Baby, It's All Right