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Albums by this artist:

Quiet Girl
Killing Time
Wake Me In The Morning
Mind's Eye Tramp
Minds Eye Tramp
Our Dear Lady of the Plains
Aran Island
Sleepless Night
Weight upon your shoulders
Read My Mind
Roll the dice
Welcome Here
Hey Joseph
Misery Man
One of a Kind
Darling Drive Me Far
How We Fell From Grace
Won't Go Back
Stranger Than the News
Rat Race
Someone - Part II
Young Heart
Till It' All Right
Cold Case Scenario
Even If
Killing Time (Singer-Songwriter)
Someone - Remix
Someone (Part II)
Keep You In My Heart
Till It's All Right
Wont Go Back
Minds Rye Tramp
Minds Eye Tramp (live)
Killimg Time
I Want You All To See
Rat race - 2017
Read My Mind (feat. Jeanne Rouwendaal)
Minds Eye Tramp (Live at 3fm)
Rogier Pelgrim - Quiet Girl
Forever Young
Killing Time (FLAC)
Embrace 4
Killing Time (demo)