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Albums by this artist:

Kitten's Lullaby
the plunderers
for love or money
Yellow Moon
Ghost In The Water
Death Sentence
Revelation of the Daleks Suite (From "Revelation of the Daleks")
Nyssa's Theme (from "The Keeper of Traken")
Exploring the Lab (from "Four to Doomsday")
The Caves of Androzani
The Caves of Androzani (Alternative Suite) [From "The Caves of Androzani"]
The Box of Delights - Opening Titles
Nyssa's Theme
Kassia's Wedding Music
Exploring the Lab
Is This Death?
Ergon Threat
Morgus and Chellak
The Threat of Melkur
Nyssa's Theme (from ''The Keeper of Traken'')
The Threat of Melkur (from ''The Keeper of Traken'')
Nyssa is Hypnotised
Kassia's Wedding Music (from ''The Keeper of Traken'')
Sharaz Jek
Exploring the Lab (from ''Four to Doomsday'')
Death Under the Red Cloth
Nyssa is Hypnotised (from ''Four to Doomsday'')
Androzani Minor
Next Time It'll Be for Real
Ergon Threat (from ''Arc of Infinity'')
Termination of the Doctor (from ''Arc of Infinity'')
Omega Field Force (from ''Arc of Infinity'')
The Termination Of The Doctor
Two Kilos, What a Deal
Geostationary Orbit
Clever Little Android
Peri Abducted
The Girl Will Be Alone
Stage Three
Blind Fools
Face Off
Omega Field Force
Passing Clouds