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Albums by this artist:

Never Think
Let Me Sign
I'll Be Your Lover Too
Stray Dog
I was Broken
Bella's Lullaby
Doin' Fine
Chokin' on the Dust Pt. 1
Chokin' on the Dust Pt. 2
I'll Be Your Lover, Too
The Meadow
Esmes Favorite
Kiss the Rain
In Your Head
River flows in you
Bella's Song
Never Think (Twilight Soundtrack Version)
Chokin' on the Dust Part 2
Chokin' on the Dust Part 1
Esme's Favorite
I Don't Mind
Love Hurts
Rob Pattinson
Robert Pattinson
Renesmee's Song
Chokin' On The Dust, pt.1
Never Think - Twilight Soundtrack Version
It's All On You
Clair de Lune
Bellas Lullaby
Red Mist
Goodnight my Angel
Midnight Thoughts
Life Before Bella
Edward's Song (New Moon)
"You're Not a Nobody"