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Smoking Gun
Poor Johnny
I was warned
Spare Some Love?
I'm Walkin'
Back Door Slam
Time Makes Two
Right Next Door (Because of Me)
Our Last Time
Nothin' But A Woman
Just A Loser
Distant Shore
That Ain't Love
My Last Regret
Blues Get Off My Shoulder
Does It Really Matter
Two Steps From The End
Won The Battle
Fading Away
I Guess I Showed Her
What You Need (Good Man)
Forgot to Be Your Lover
The Price I Pay
I Wonder
I Know You Will
Bad Influence
Lotta Lovin'
A Whole Lotta Pride
A Picture Of A Broken Heart
Foul Play
[Won't Be] Coming Home
Love Gone To Waste
On The Road Down
It Doesn't Show
Phone Booth
I Didn't Know
Still Around
Your Pal
More Than I Can Stand
New Blood
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Up In the Sky
Too Many Cooks
I'm Done Cryin'
The Score
A Memo