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Jessie's Girl
Don't Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
I've Done Everything for You
Human Touch
Celebrate Youth
The Man That Never Was
Affair of the Heart
Love Is Alright Tonite
Jesse's Girl
State of the Heart
Rock Of Life
Love Is Alright Tonight
Jessie's Girl - Soundtrack Version
I Get Excited
Speak to the Sky
What Kind of Fool Am I
Bop 'Til You Drop
Jessies Girl
What's Victoria's Secret?
Don't Walk Away
Living in Oz
Carry Me Away
Calling All Girls
Everybody's Girl
Hole in My Heart
The Light of Love
Jessies's Girl
Daddy's Pearl
Inside Silvia
Honeymoon In Beirut
Walk Like a Man
Jessie's Girl (Soundtrack Version)
My Precious Little One
Red Hot & Blue Love
Dance This World Away
Just One Kiss
Venus In Overdrive
Taxi Dancing
World Start Turning
I'll Miss That Someday
Motel Eyes
Written in Rock
Light This Party Up
Wide Awake
The American Girl
The Power of Love (The Tao of Love)