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Youth Dem Cold
Brown Skin
Earth a Run Red
Open The Door
Youths Dem Cold
Righteous Youths
The World Is A Cycle
High Grade
The Plane Land
Crying Out For Love
Ghetto Girl
Wrap Up A Draw
Sunny Day
Take It Easy
Blood Again
Marijuana (Pon Di Corner)
Get Up
Black Like Tar
Uptown Girl
Move Dem Out
Mind Off Of Me
Groovin My Girl
Gideon Boot
Prime Time Girl
Motherland Calling
Babylon A Gwaan
A No Me Dat
Grooving My Girl
Outta The Blue
Check Yourself
That Ghetto Girl
Fake Smile
World Crisis
Getting Harder
Babylon Falling
Can't Stop Loving Jah
Wasting My Time
Land of Jamaica
Bad Lamp
Galang Yah Gal
youths are so cold
Make Up Your Mind
Bingi Drum
Living In Love
Earth Ah Run Red