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Right Here Waiting
Now and Forever
Hold on to the Nights
Endless Summer Nights
Should've Known Better
Don't Mean Nothing
Children of the Night
Take This Heart
Keep Coming Back
Until I Find You Again
The Way She Loves Me
That's My Job
Right Here Waiting for You
Angel's Lullaby
Turn Off the Night
Touch of Heaven
Ready To Fly
Too Late to Say Goodbye
Chains Around My Heart
Silent Scream
When You're Gone
Everything Good
Soul Motion
One More Try
Nothing Left To Say
Someone Special
Whatever We Started
Nothin' You Can Do About It
One Thing Left
Love Goes On
Heart on the Line
Heaven Only Knows
Heaven's Waiting
One Man
The Other Side
Wait for the Sunrise
Nothing Left Behind Us
Right Here Waiting (Single Edit)
If You Don't Want My Love
Nothing To Hide
Endless Summer Nights - Acoustic
Lonely Heart
Miami 2017