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Call Me
Richard 'n' Roll
Revolution drugs
Fashion God
Space Glamour
An American Christ
Grey Day
No way for you
Love Vampire
Transex Jesus
Smash your Church
Together we die for
You know you're right (Nirvana cover)
My World (Acoustic Version 2004)
Fashion God (remix)
Maniac (Flashdance Cover)
Alien (demo 2003)
Outside from every crisis
Aurum Christi
The Grey Day
All together against to Nuclear
Items are your master
You know you're right
Richard n' Roll
Make Sense
(H)are Money Cash
You Know Youre Right (Nirvana cover)
Call me (Blondie cover)
Space Glamour [Electronic 2009]
You Know You're Right (Nirvana)
Reset 99-9
Let Your Ipad Die
My World
We kill while they sleep
richard n´ roll
Maniac (Michael Sembello)
Richard n Roll