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A Song for the Lovers
Break the Night With Colour
Music Is Power
Check The Meaning
Words Just Get in the Way
Science Of Silence
Brave New World
You On My Mind In My Sleep
I Get My Beat
Crazy World
C'mon People (We're Making It Now)
New York
Why Not Nothing?
Sweet Brother Malcolm
Keys to the World
On A Beach
Buy It In Bottles
Money To Burn
Man On A Mission
Slow Was My Heart
Running Away
Why Do Lovers?
Cry Til the Morning
Bright Lights
Simple Song
World Keeps Turning
God In The Numbers
Lord I've Been Trying
Nature Is The Law
This Is How It Feels
They Don't Own Me
75 Degrees (Bonus Track)
Out of My Body
These People
Precious Stone
A Song for Lovers
(Could Be) A Country Thing, City Thing, Blues Thing
That's When I Feel It
Surprised by the Joy - Edit
Picture Of You
Born to Be Strangers
Black Lines
The Direction
Ain't The Future So Bright
Everybody Needs Somebody To Hurt
Break the Night With Colour (Live At Earls Court)
The Miracle