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Albums by this artist:

Bad Apple!!
Running in the 90s
At Doom's Gate (E1M1)
Turbo Killer
U.N. Owen was her?
Heir of Grief
You Say Run
Flowering Night
Night of Nights
Crab Rave
Licht Und Schatten
Stardust Crusaders
Nuclear Fusion
Lunatic Princess
Native Faith
Lunar Clock Luna Dial
Devil Trigger
Deja Vu
Night of Fire
Border of Life
Beloved Tomboyish Daughter
Big Blue
Bloody Tears
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke
Septette for the Dead Princess
Megalo Strike Back
Life Will Change
Love Coloured Master Spark
The World Revolving
Odd Future
Devil Trigger - Full Version
Gas Gas Gas
Smash Ultimate Theme
Soul of Cinder
Soviet March
Primoridal Beat
Flandre's Theme
Aggretsuko Theme
Guren No Yumiya
Primordial Beat
Field of Hopes and Dreams
You Spin Me Round
Rude Buster
Mechanical Rhythm