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Albums by this artist:

Red Fang - Blood Like Cream
Toxic Holocaust - Awaken The Serpent
Windhand - Orchard
Revocation - Invidious
Exhumed - Necrocracy
ASG - Day's Work
True Widow - HW:R
Nothing - Dig
Black Tusk - In Days of Woe
Baroness - The Line Between (BBC Live)
Inter Arma - Destroyer
Ulcerate - Confronting Entropy
Howl - Attrition
Lord Dying - In A Frightful State of Gnawed Dismemberment
Obliteration - Goat Skull Crown
Devourment - 50 Ton War Machine
Coffins - The Vacant Pale Vessel
Primitive Man - Rags
Locrian - Exiting the Hall of Vapor and Light
Wolvserpent - In Mirrors of Water
Weekend Nachos - Satan Sucker
Obituary - Brave
Blockheads - Pro-Lifers
Call of the Void - Napalm Lungs
Unkind - Kehtoon Tapetut
Horseback - On The Eclipse
Mumakil - Death From Below
Dying Fetus - Panic Amongst The Herd
Incantation - Rites of the Locust
Exhumed - Defenders of the Grave
Expulsion - Altar of Slaughter
Iron Reagan - Bleed the Fifth
Integrity - Hymn For The Children of the Black Flame
Gruesome - Fragments of Psyche
Death - Overactive Imagination (Remastered)
The Obsessed - Punk Crusher
King Woman - Utopia
Myrkur - Ulvinde
Tau Cross - Deep State
YOB - Original Face
Cloakroom - Seedless Star
Obituary - Violence
Abysmal Dawn - The Inevitable Return to Darkness
Iron Reagan - Four More Years
Ecstatic Vision - The Electric Step
Arcadea - Infinite End
S U R V I V E - Cutthroat (Lena Willikens Remix)
Gruesome - Closed Casket (Demo)
Iron Monkey - OmegaMangler
Steve Moore - Welcome to TSC