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Sell Out
Take on me
She Has A Girlfriend Now
Everything Sucks
Where Have You Been?
I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too
Somebody Hates Me
Join the Club
She's Famous Now
Good Thing
Ban The Tube Top
Snoop Dog, Baby
I'll Never Be
Cheer Up
All I Want Is More
I'm Cool
Drunk Again
The Set Up (You Need This)
A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way
Brown Eyed Girl
Dateless Losers
You Don't Know
Thank You For Not Moshing
Don't Start a Band
The Fire
Somebody Loved Me
The Kids Don't Like It
What Are Friends For
Boss DJ
Brand New Song
Say "Ten"
Alternative Baby
Take On Me - Best Of
New York, New York
Hate You
Brand New Hero
Call You
Another F.U. Song
Sayonara Senorita
Down In Flames
The Bad Guy