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Wasting Time
Always On My Mind
We are too young
White Noise
I See Light
The Sun is Out
In the City
Animals Take Control of Me
Feral Kids
Totem pole
Let's Dream Tonight
Must Be Dreaming
Reading Rainbow Theme Song
Oh Deer Lord
Cut In Two
Prism Eyes
I Will Wait
To My Gemini
Be who I see
A Life to Find
Be My Sunrise
I Will Follow You
New Safety
Where My Body's Found
Great Sky Bear
Don't Leave
In the forest
Money and prizes
Dead End
Cover the Sky
Tough Love
Stand Back and Take a Good Look
Great Sky Bear (Keys)
Stephanie Says
Into The Void
Great Sky Bear (Strings)
Standback and Take a Good Look
Reading Rainbow Theme
Euphoria - MASTERED
Reading Rainbow
Living In America
Ancient Places, Sacred Lands
Reading Rainbow - Underground
Empty Without You