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Right Behind You Baby
Rockin' Little Angel
Rockin' Bandit
Shake Around
Goombay Beat
Break Up
Willing and Ready
That's All Right
You Made a Hit
My Home town
Goombay Beat Instrumental
Tropical Isle
Set Me Free
Bahamas Song
Gone Baby Gone
Rock Your Boom Boom
Makes Me Feel Good
So Young
Singing Boogie
Sail Away
Hey Boss Man
Little Girl
Candy Doll
Why Why Why
One Wonderful Love
Little Miss Blue
I Want To Be Free
Rockin' Robin
Right Behind You Baby - Original
Rockin Little Angel
Why, Why, Why
Rockin' Bandit (Dubbed Version)
Right Behind You Baby 1958
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Break Up - Original
Life Is A Flower
Forever Yours
Why, Why, Why (alternate)
It Makes Me Feel Good
Hey Bossman I Won't Be In Today
Travelin' Salesman
Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
I'll Be Coming Home
Johnny Lee Hummer
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
Willing and Ready - Original