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Albums by this artist:

Bite the Apple
Dreaming - Original Version
Hope He Wants
Let' Em Be
My Darling
Please Let's Go
Let's Forget
Don't Cry for Me
A Song for You
Rainbow Team - Dreaming
Tell Me
Just for You
Let Your Body
Dreaming - with Outro - Shayne Oliver: Listening & Loving, Goodbye
Bite The Apple - Extended Album Version
Let Your Body - Original Version
You Are Beautiful
And There Where Stars
Let Your Body (Original Album)
Get Down
Tell Me - Original Version
Around Me
And There Where Stars - Original Version
You Are Beautiful - Original Version
Get Down - Original Version
Bite the Apple (Massimo Berardi Re-Edit)
Around Me - Original Version
We Will Meet Again
Dreaming - Original Album
Bite the Apple - Massimo Berardi Re-Edit
Tell Me - Original
come to the rainbow
The Dreaming
Let 'Em Be
Bite the Apple - Original Version
Take The Fire
Hope He Wants - Extended Album Version
Let Your Body - Original Album
Let Your Body - Original
Let'em Be
Bite the Apple (Original Version)
Dreaming - Birdee Remix
Let' 'Em Be
Bite the Apple (Extended Album Version)
Dreaming - Ftm 31701
We Will Meet Again (Bonus Track)
Bit the Apple