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Albums by this artist:

I'm glad you're evil too - Re-release
ChiruChiru - KIRA remix
The Vampire
Romeo and Cinderella
A Cruel Angel's Thesis
Ghost City Tokyo
Just a Sunny Day for You
Say It.
Misery Business
Thought Crime
Compared Child
That's Why I Gave Up on Music
Compulsive Bomber
Say It. - Album Ver.
Rain with Cappuccino
Hole in the Heart
Ghost in a Flower
Fireworks Beneath My Shoes
Deep Indigo - Album Ver.
Spring Thief
Once Upon a Me
This Game (dari "No Game No Life")
Eine Kleine
Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Response)
My R (English Cover)
I'm glad you're evil too (Re-release)
My R
Deep Indigo
HIBANA (English Cover)
Stronger Than You (Undertale Parody Frisk Response)
The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (English Cover)
Two Breaths Walking
Black Rock Shooter
Stronger Than You (Frisk's Response)
I'm glad you're evil too (English Cover)
Ghost Rule
I was Human (English Cover)
Stronger Than You
Donut Hole
Deep Indigo (Album ver.)
Alien Alien (English Cover)
Android Girl (English Cover)
Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow
Ayano's Theory of Happiness
Town of Jade (English Cover)