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Albums by this artist:

Keep on Loving You
Can't Fight This Feeling
Take It on the Run
Roll with the Changes
Time for Me to Fly
Keep On Loving You - Remastered
Back on the Road Again
Don't Let Him Go
In My Dreams
Keep Pushin'
Ridin' The Storm Out
One Lonely Night
Here with Me
That Ain't Love
I Don't Want To Lose You
Keep the Fire Burnin'
In Your Letter
Take It On the Run - Remastered
Golden Country
Tough Guys
Follow My Heart
Someone Tonight
I Wish You Were There
Out Of Season
Shakin' It Loose
Live Every Moment
Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight
Music Man
Son of a Poor Man
Only the Strong Survive
Like You Do
Time for Me to Fly - As heard in the Netflix series Ozark
(I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come
157 Riverside Avenue
The Key
Sophisticated Lady
Flying Turkey Trot
Don't Let Him Go - 2011 Remaster
Blazin' Your Own Trail Again
Love Is a Rock
Keep On Loving You - 2011 Remaster
Lost in a Dream
Variety Tonight
Sweet Time
Runnin' Blind
Ridin' The Storm Out (Live)
Gotta Feel More
Sing To Me
I Do' Wanna Know