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Albums by this artist:

There's A Ghost In My House
Indiana Wants Me
Gotta See Jane
Gotta See Jane - Single Version (Mono)
My Lady Bug Stay Away From That Beatle
Ain't It A Sad Thing
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Back Street
Poor Girl
Don't Fool Around
Let's Go Somewhere
Woman Alive
Taos New Mexico
Candy Apple Red
See Jane
Loves Your Name
Indiana Wants Me (Commercial Version)
At The High School Dance
Indiana Wants Me (Promo Version)
Love's your name
Gotta See Jane [Second Pressing]
Two Of Us
Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got
Fire And Rain
Just Like In The Movies
Indiana Wants Me - Re-Recording
Indiana Wants Me (Promo Single Version)
Candy Apple Red (Stereo Promo Version)
Gotta See Jane - Single Version / Mono
Gotta See Jane (Single Version (Mono))
There’s A Ghost in my House
Indiana Wants Me - Commercial Version
Gotta See Jane (Stereo Promo Version)
Window Shopping
Gotta See Jane ( Version (Mono))
Indiana Wants Me - Promo Version
Ghost In My House
Indiana Wants Me [Promo Single Version]
Gotta See Jane [stereo promo version]
Don’t Fool Around
Indiana Wants Me - Promo Single Version
No Longer A Rebel
Gonna Give her all the love I've got
Gotta See Jane - Stereo Promo Version
Indiana Wants Me (1970)
Gotta See Jane - Second Pressing
Indianna wants me
Little Girl, I'm Going To Marry You
All Grown Up