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Albums by this artist:

There's A Ghost In My House
Indiana Wants Me
Gotta See Jane
Gotta See Jane - Single Version (Mono)
My Lady Bug Stay Away From That Beatle
Ain't It A Sad Thing
Back Street
Sunday Morning Coming Down
Poor Girl
Don't Fool Around
Let's Go Somewhere
Woman Alive
Indiana Wants Me - Commercial Version
Taos New Mexico
Candy Apple Red
Loves Your Name
Indiana Wants Me (Commercial Version)
See Jane
At The High School Dance
Gotta See Jane - Single Version / Mono
Indiana Wants Me (Promo Version)
Love's your name
Gotta See Jane [Second Pressing]
Two Of Us
Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got
Fire And Rain
Indiana Wants Me - Re-Recording
Just Like In The Movies
Candy Apple Red (Stereo Promo Version)
Indiana Wants Me (Promo Single Version)
Gotta See Jane (Single Version (Mono))
There’s A Ghost in my House
Gotta See Jane (Stereo Promo Version)
Window Shopping
Indiana Wants Me - Promo Version
Gotta See Jane ( Version (Mono))
Ghost In My House
Gotta See Jane [stereo promo version]
Indiana Wants Me [Promo Single Version]
Don’t Fool Around
Indiana Wants Me - Promo Single Version
No Longer A Rebel
Gonna Give her all the love I've got
Gotta See Jane - Stereo Promo Version
Gotta See Jane - Second Pressing
Respectable Distance Away
Indiana Wants Me (1970)
Little Girl, I'm Going To Marry You
All Grown Up