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Putrid Pile - Gallery Of Horrors
Drenched in Gasoline
Gallery of Horrors
Bodies on Display
Involuntary Suicide
Food for the Maggots
My Inner Demon
Collection of Butchery
God of Degradation
Remnants of Insanity
Blood Runs Red
Blood Fetish
Post Coital Satisfaction
Covered in Excrement
Waste of Flesh
Severed Head Memento
Held Captive for Torture
Shit Body Painting
Your Nightmare Reality
Bind, Torture, Kill
Rip Her to Shreds
Circlepit Commando
Putrid Pile (of Rotting Corpses)
Battered Bitch
Gorging on Labia
Dead In The Alleway
The Ingestion of Human-Kind
The Face of Death
25 Cromwell Street
Caged and Awaiting Death
Rush Hour Killing Spree
The Gorebox
The Satisfying Dead
Face-Pounding Madness
Strangulation Is The Only Answer
Merciless Homicide
Tortured Soul
Operation Splatterhouse
Bowel Batter
Deepfried evil
Petty Leftovers
Perpetual Bloodlust
A Fitting End
Merciless Homocide
Lifeless... Not Useless